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improvements and pics [Jul. 3rd, 2009|06:45 pm]
Maltese Dogs


Hello everyone.

Anyway, I asked some training questions earlier, and my doggy's improving a lot, he's so smart!

Right now, he knows where to pee and poo and so when I'm at work I can leave him out in our main living room (which is wood floored) to roam all day without worrying about him peeing anywhere anymore. He also knows "sit" and "down" although sometimes he needs to be reminded. Also, since he's free to roam in our living room during the day, it's easier to get him into his crate at night for bedtime and he rarely scratches anymore at night.

So now the main thing we still need to work on is walking on a leash, because he is still impulsive and excitable, but we're working on that. Also, what other commands are good to know next other than sit and down?

And now, so that the post isn't only text, here's a few cute pictures of him I took recently: